She came from a traumatic childhood which she escaped one fateful day with the help of Amber. Since then they’ve shared an inseparable bond. Good Mental health is a struggle for Eve. Fortunately Amber has been there to care for her, to keep her safe and give her support as they both learn how to cope.


On a good day she’s just a quiet socially anxious raccoon who keeps to herself. Going out in public doesn’t bother her too much anymore, but she’d rather not talk to strangers or draw attention to herself. It takes some time for her to warm up to someone new, but having Amber around makes it easier. Once she’s grown accustom to having someone around she’s much more relaxed and sociable.

She isn’t known for her social grace or empathy, it’s all a bit overwhelming for her. She’s not mean, but could lash out if pushed into a stressful situation for her without a way out. She’s aware of her shortcomings and fears which she works to overcome little bit little.

During a full manic episode she can be surprisingly outgoing and without fear. This childlike naivety can be unpredictable and dangerous without supervision, but Amber is just happy to see her having fun. Eve isn’t too fond of it though, not being herself and later realizing what stupid things she did is distressing. Less severe periods aren’t unwelcomed as she still feels in control, but a little more chipper and willing to come out of her shell.




Orientation: she has no idea