Orion Reference


He grew up in a small rural woodland community and later moved to the city. Shortly after he rescued Tera, a lost pony while hiking. She came to live with him in his apartment in the city.

There’s more to this, but nothing I can structure into coherent writing as of yet.




Orientation: bisexual - feminine preference


There may be other things he’s tried or has some interest in, but these are the main ones.

Vore - Has an instinctive compulsion to hunt and devour prey. A guilty pleasure he occasionally succumbs to. Although he does have the unnatural ability to swallow large objects, I imagine something the size of a cantaloupe is about his limit and so he primarily preys on smaller mammals. He may also swallow some foods, or even objects whole to quell the urge and can easily regurgitate.

Despite his meaty cravings, his digestive tract isn’t very well suited to digesting large quantities of meat, facing various levels of indigestion in consequence. He seems to easily forget this fact after a bit of time.

Stuffing - A full stomach makes a happy deer. The tight, heavy fullness fills him with euphoria… and can become quite arousing creating a desire to eat more. :>

Bellies - Especially the round ones.

Anal - Enjoys anal/prostate stimulation. Mostly with toys.

Cross dressing? - He’s still figuring this one out, but I want to explore it more. :P