Terms of Service

The following are terms of service for Difetra (also called “the artist,” “I,” “me,” and “myself,”), relevant to all non-commercial projects. These terms will outline expected behavior when working with me. These terms are subject to revisions, editing, and additions without notice.

When agreeing to receive artwork from me, clients (also called “you,” and “your”) enter a contract with me, and agree to all terms on this page, which will not be superseded by any other terms unless explicitly agreed upon by myself and the client.

In contacting and agreeing to receive artwork from me, the client also affirms that they are at least 18 years old.

Content Guidelines

I’m pretty open to most things, I’ve seen my share of oddities. If you’re not sure I’ll draw it just ask, I don’t judge.

I Won’t draw



  1. Payment will be made through Paypal.
  2. Prices are shown in USD. Paypal will convert currency if necessary.
  3. Listed commission prices are a baseline and can vary with complexity. A quote will be given after details have been discussed.
  4. Payment is upfront and will be taken when I'm ready to begin work. Other payment options can be considered depending on the project.
  5. Cancellation by the client after payment will result in a partial refund proportional to the work reamining. If for personal reasons I have to cancel the commission at any point a full refund will be issued.

Commission Process