Eve - Raccoon

(Design not finalized)


She lived with an abusive father, her mother had gone missing while foraging when she was a toddler. One day around the age of 12 she snapped, grabbed a knife and violently stabbed him to death. She panicked and ran off into the forest. Soon news of her father's murder made it's way around the village.

Amber, an orphaned Fossa girl a couple years older and Eve's closest friend overheard this. She quickly packed a bag of supplies from her foster home and went looking for her friend. Having an idea where to look she found Eve nesteld in a moss covered grove of fallen trees they often played around. She didn't say much, but confirmed what happened with a nod. They sat for a short while until Amber suggested they get away from here.

There began their hike to somewhere else. What that journey entails I'm not sure, but they eventually make their way to the developed world and begin a new life.


  • insecure
  • Bipolar
  • Daydreamer
  • impulsive
  • insomniac

Realistically her personality often depends on what kind of day she's having. One day she might be happy beyond reason, positive, and playful. The next struggling to find a reason to get out of bed. On average though she's just a meek little raccoon that tries to cope with these problems. She likes to paint and finds focusing the imagery in her mind onto a canvas helps her deal with intrusive thoughts and hallucinations.


  • Painting
  • Eating
  • Playing in mud
  • plushies
  • weed, in moderation.


  • touching/invasion of personal space by anyone she doesn't trust.
  • her brain
  • dissonant sounds like chattering crowds, construction, arcades.


  • When I consider what stops her from just ending it all after what she's been through and her general poor state of mind. I think the answer is Amber, she means the world to her and couldn't imagine being without her.
  • Doesn't regret killing her father, but it doesn't make what she did any less traumatic.
  • I think there would be a turning point for her where she tries to open up and try new things to escape the relatively small world her fears trapped her in.
  • Might have romantic and sexual feelings for Amber, but can't admit it. A point of internal conflict for her. I don't think she would ever willing profess these feelings unless Amber dragged them out of her.
  • Has a history with drugs, fortuntately no serious addictions. Mixed experience with psycodelics, but a particularly bad trip put an end to that.
  • Her empathy is limited to those she considers close. She doesn't have the emotional energy to care for strangers.



Orientation: ???


  • Stuffing

    When in the right mood eating can be complete bliss for her. The textures, the tastes, every part of it fills her with satisfaction. Fullness is replaced with pleasure, nothing is quite as sensual to her than a belly full of food. Her binges usually aren't planned, sometimes "one more" just turns into many more. You might think she's a bottomless pit, but discomfort does come to outweigh pleasure, especially as she comes off her food high. Then a regretful raccoon has to deal with her stomachache that reminds her why she shouldn't eat so much.


  • 5' 3"

  • skinny