Pine Marten




  • Determined
  • Energetic



Orientation: phallic

Any other consideration are secondary to the features she can cram into her sex, though she does have masculine preferences.

  • Size Queen - Has a strong fixation with vaginal stretching, stuffing herself full, and testing her limits.
  • Object Insertion - If she fits she sits. Having spotted a round or phallic object of interest the thought is unlikely to leave her mind until she sates her curiosity. She may find herself plotting how to get some creature to mount her, or in a more urban setting fighting against her urges to keep some form of dignity.
  • Anal - Doesn't hate it, but considers it inferior to the pleasure she derives from vaginal. The two in tandem is something she enjoys on an occasion. The competing sensations and fight for internal space can add to the fullness she enjoys in a unique way, but finds it distracting, taking some focus away from what she really likes.
  • Strong Libido - Seldom is she not horny, rather it's a matter of how horny. At it's worst her judgment would be considered questionable at best.