• Realist
  • open minded
  • After learning magic doesn't make the world go 'round she found an insatiable curiosity about how everything works.
  • low tolerance for bullshit
  • ┬áCan get to be a little snarky when in a bad mood/tired. Feels bad about it if she was rude to anyone.
  • slow to anger, but easily frustrated, something she's learned to deal with.
  • not one to hold a grudge
  • Tends to bottle up feelings
  • Gets anxious when not working toward a meaningful goal. This can lead to feeling out of place, purposelessness, depression.
  • There are some other bad habits/behaviors that may appear in future stories/images, but things turn around for her when she starts her on the path towards her engineering career and with Knowledge she has gained a thought resting in the back of her mind of getting home however unlikely gives her a little hope that keeps her going.


  • Exploration
  • Hot showers
  • Coffee
  • Tinkering, taking things apart to alter their function.
  • foooood, loves feeling full, though she tries to moderate herself most the time.


As a filly Tera enjoyed exploring the nearby forests. She had gained the trust of her parents to go out on her own so long as she didn't go off too far, but Tera found the nearby area all too familiar, so she continued to explore deeper, finding remnants of cut stone and what might have once been a building. They filled her with wonder, though she dared not tell anyone about them lest she find herself in trouble for going out too far. One day in her travels a curious pool of water caught her eye between an outcrop of rock. It was a stone ring with mirror like pool of water, she poked her hoof into it when suddenly she was pulled in. After nearly feeling like she would drown unable to surface she found herself ejected from the pool in a completely unfamiliar area, the vegetation was different, the air different. She was completely lost. She wondered for days, tired and hungry until what she stumbled in what could only be described as a 2 legged deer. Both confused they talked briefly and Tera told him what had happened after deciding that he seemed friendly. The deer offered to take her home with him, not wanting to wander the forest any longer she accepted. Soon she became a permanent guest and slowly grew accustomed to her new life. Though being in this new world away from her family and everything she knew was not without it challenges.

tl;dr falls in ancient forest portal as a filly, ends up on another planet, found and more or less adopted by Orion.